Sunday, January 10, 2010

Husbands and TV

Husbands have a powerful affinity to the idiot box, much to the chagrin of wives. Earlier, I used to feel that its a personal exasperation but after talks with my peers, have reached this conclusion that its a worldwide phenomena. This affinity is a great affliction on the latter community and a cause of worry as the statistics of viewers increase by the day. With the influx of dish tv, cable tv and thousands of channels, the wife has intense competition at hand. She waits up all day for him to come back from work with hair done and wares like none, but all she gets is an inattentive glance and a customary hi. The remote becomes the most sought after item in the household and she feels like a piece of furniture or a prized possession, relegated to the background. Even if she gives up her nagging and reconciles herself to this unacceptable fact, its only to realise that their tastes in TV channels are vastly different. While he is hooked to car racing, sports or watching the news for the n'th time, she is inquisitive to know what ensued on last night's soap. And the battle goes on. Remotes have become tug of war in every household and research shows that their sales have increased considerably. This addiction has caused great distress to women, and I as one, commiserate with her plight. Someone should take it up and work on it.

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